Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I am in the middle of a two day class where we are making a pendant that has three elements with torch fired enamel. The main element has under fired enamel frit that looks like druzy stone. I like enameling with the torch because of the immediate and visual satisfaction. It is also an easier method when there are several students and there is limited kiln space that would cause students to wait in line to fire. Farrin O’Connor Design Studio (where I am teaching) has 5 solder stations with natural gas  & oxygen torches that work well for torch firing enamel on silver and copper. F.O.D.S. is a great place to teach and a great place to take classes. This class - being two days has a  more relaxed atmosphere than the one day classes I often teach. There is pressure in one day classes to finish projects and seldom enough time. But I get a lot of students in my one day classes because even though the project may not get finished there is plenty to learn in my classes. I feel that learning techniques and building skills is more important than finishing a project. But I understand that students like to finish projects.
Where I teach in S.B. we have an 8 week quarter and there is more time to do more complex projects like lockets and fancy pendants.

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