Thursday, June 21, 2012

I like crows

I like crows because they are a bit crazy like most fun people.
I like crows because they are loud and obnoxious like me sometimes.
I like crows because they are social birds.
I like crows because they are practical.
I feed the crows around my house.  
I put the old cat food that my cats leave behind, and peanuts out for them.
One or two will be there and they call to all their friends.
Hey - Hey - Hey  - the guy is putting out food for us - come and get it.
Before long there are a bunch of crows on my patio eating lunch.
I drive up the street towards my house.
There’s a crow in the road.
Does he fly away.
No - he hops and walks out of the way.
Flying would be too much effort.
My cats - Ding and Kodi both stalk crows. 
They chatter with desire to catch a crow - but they never will.
They catch other birds however - they are cats after all.
The crows caw and caw when they see cats catch a fellow bird.
I have seen crows swoop at my cats when they have a bird in mouth.
I have seen my cats turn loose a captured bird because of heckling and diving crows.
The freed bird flies away and the crows laugh.
I walk in the hills by my house - there are many undeveloped acres near me.
The crows see me and they call to me - Hey - Hey Hey.
They know who I am. The guy with the peanuts.
I like crows.
I have decided to make some crow jewelry.
Just in the thought process now but I have ideas.
I will design some projects for classes with crow designs.
Flying crows.
Walking crows.
Talking crows.
Some people don’t like crows.
But I do.
I like crows.

For what it's worth,

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  1. If you really love crows, google "Ted talks crow vending", you'll enjoy them even more.