Monday, June 18, 2012

Projects For Summer Class

I am working on project samples for summer classes here in SB.
I will have a casting class where students will cast a hollow bead using  sculpted wax formed over water soluble wax. The water soluble is dissolved in water (hence the water soluble label) after the outer sculpting is finished. This allows one to cast a hollow piece. In the fall I will teach students to make a cast locket with a hinge and catch. This will be a great project that has unlimited potential as far as sculptural design goes.
I the fall I will also teach a class where students will learn to fabricate a locket from sheet and wire. This will also have a hinge and catch. The halves of the locket will be roller printed with a custom die and formed with the Hydraulic Press using Matrix Dies. There will also be some enamel on the locket front and back. This will be a fancy complex project with many techniques. Keep an eye open on my website for schedule details. I encourage people to take advantage of these classes through SBCC even if you are out of the area. They are an amazing deal with amazing projects created over 10 weeks during the regular year and 6 or 8 weeks during Summer. I have people that travel from LA and Arroyo Grande to take these weekly classes. If you are looking for jewelry classes with amazing project this is the place. Also check out Farrin O'Connor Design Studio in Pasadena. I teach one day classes there all year round.
Feel free to ask questions and post comments.
I hope to hear from you.
For What It's Worth - Carl

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  1. The locket is a really a beautiful, creative project. I've not yet finished mine but intend to finish it in summer workshop. I hope that my daughter will want to try this class, as it builds a lot of skill, and it's one of the projects that you can really make your own. If you've never been to the Wake Center but have some jewelry fabrication experience, I encourage you to sign up for it when it's next offered in the Fall. ALL materials and tools (torches, saws, polishers, hand tools!) are provided for an incredibly low price, you'll have access to one of the best teaching studios with one of the best jewelry instructors you could ever hope to have access to. Definitely one of Santa Barbara's hidden gems.